Zirrfa 6-bit Nixie Glød Ur Bundkort Core Board Kontrolpanel universal in8 in8-2 in12 in14 in18 qs30-1, Ingen rør

Tags: cnc fagor, 02 nixie, 12 nixie ur, store ur rør, uret in12, nixi ur, power in14, bundkortet pc, 3d cube led, uret gløde rør.

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1、Input:5V 2A mikro-usb-2、7 farver(har RGB led.bunden lys farve,og ikke en lys farve) 3、Brug god timing, IC 4、Dimension:187x48mm 5、Funktion:24 timer Display model、hver 5mins opdatere vise、Ingen alarm. 6、Pakkens Indhold :1x kredsløb, Ingen Rør 7、Den version, der er konstant opdateret, så billedet er underlagt den faktiske produkt.Kun over pakkens indhold, andre produkter er ikke medtaget.

Bemærk: Lys og forskellige skærme kan forårsage farven på elementet i billedet lidt forskellige fra de rigtige ting.Måling tilladt fejl er +/- 1-3cm.

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Diasamidze Giorgi
Everything is super, I collect the second.
The clock came fast enough. Neatly packed. The fee is clean, there are no traces of flux, the soldering is neat everywhere. I collected, the clock goes perfectly. Bad only that the functionality of the chip is implemented at the minimum nm level: it is not possible to get the date, temperature, use alarm clocks, adjust the brightness of the digits. Only clock in 24 or 12 format. If you want the lamps to be off at night, then there is a mode (but only from 22 to 7 am) In general, the thing is good, but with programming did not bother much. In the board the train (mother) so the lamps can be detached at any time from the board, replace the wires if you need... In general, I am happy with the purchase, with the main task quite copes
Have not opened the bag as the IN-12A tubes just showed up today, the board about a week ago. Looks well built, but will likely find myself altering it to fit my needs; I.E. the back-light LEDs mounted to the PCB will do nothing if using remote leads from the main board for the tubes. Also, I will likely move the push buttons and USB connector to somewhere else as it really limits the mounting options.
Item delivered in 19 days. packed normally. The fee is made qualitatively. Everything corresponds to the description. It's OK. After the Assembly, I will add a review. All OK!!

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